Based in Edinburgh UK

I am interested in the investigation of life through the biological sciences. My work explores the ways that scientists work, through detailed inspection, experimentation or analysis of data, and seeks to relate this work to our common experience. 

Practice for the serious business of science begins at an early age with games of chance and selection: turning cards, solving puzzles, putting letters in order to make sense of them and matching the sides of bricks to make a picture. Always looking for a solution, always asking the question anew.​

How is the work of a scientist like the work of an artist, and how is it different?​

My most recent work, The Strategy of the Genes, is inspired by Dr. Pippa Thomson who once commented that the problem with working with data and statistical analysis is that it is possible to lose sight of the reality of the material being investigated.

The Strategy of the Genes is one realisation of the DNA codes she works with, the a,c,g and t notations given weight and volume as playing pieces in a game whose rules are obscure.

The title of the piece is taken from Professor C.H.Waddington’s book of the same name.

Special thanks are due to Steve Fearnley for his beautiful wood turning. 

I am currently artist in residence at the invitation of Andrew McIntosh, Professor of Biological Psychiatry and a Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.



Waddington,C.H. (1957) The Strategy of the Genes, Allen and Unwin, London

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